2 tread depth scanners that could change your business

Hunter Engineering’s Quick Tread in operation. Image: Hunter Engineering Company

2 tread depth scanners that could change your business

Laser tread depth scanners are the tire industry’s latest gadget — but what can they really tell you and your team that your existing depth gauge can not? Well, quite a bit, actually.

Traction News had a close look at two laser-based tread depth scanners now on the market.

Hunter Engineering’s Quick Tread

From the team at Hunter Engineering comes Quick Tread. Using Hunter’s WinAlign software, it measures tread depth when the vehicle drives over two flush-mounted plates — taking just seconds and eliminating the need for a technician to go around the vehicle measuring each tire. The data is analyzed on-site and instantly displayed on one of Hunter’s Quick Check consoles. What you get is a two-inch tire segment, rather than a single point. So you have 280,000 data points and you get a true picture of the tire in three-dimensional model form. Those models can be printed out so the customer can clearly see what’s wrong with their tires —making it easier for you and your team to sell tires.

Hunter claims this system is better than random line scan measurement systems because they use just a small amount of data to determine tire health and the readings can be affected by stones, sipe position and wear indicator bars. Quick Tread doesn’t require an internet connection and there are no recurring monthly charges.

Tire Profile’s Groove Glove

Tire Profile also has a drive-over product, called TreadSpec. It takes a single line cross-section of each tire and generates a report you can show to your customers, including braking distance projections, tire alignment and rotation indicators, and it even records the vehicle make, model and license plate.

But Tire Profile has also recently released a handheld solution onto the market, Groove Glove.  It uses the same technology as the drive-over product but it fits in your hand. The small laser-powered device measures tread depth and vehicle alignment and makes recommendations for the customer.

It’s easy for staff to use, with a guide indicator on the device instructing them where to take the measurements. The user puts the device on the tire, presses a button, and slides it across the surface of the tire to take the measurement.

It’s a touchscreen device and requires a wireless signal.

Both Groove Glove and Quick Tread have been featured at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in the past year. Check out the links in the article to see the specs and work out if one of these solutions is right for your workshop.

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