Titan to swap farm tires under new guarantee deal

Titan International steps up its game with their new 100-Day Promise.

Titan International just made a big commitment to keeping their customers happy, introducing a 100-Day Promise customer satisfaction program. If not completely satisfied, the customer can return the tires to the tire dealer they were originally purchased from for a full refund.

If the tires were factory-installed on new farm equipment, they can be exchanged for a comparable set of Titan or Goodyear Farm Tires at no cost to the customer. Titan will pay for any associated labor for tire changeouts.

Titan International strengthens its customer satisfaction program

Until recently the company had a “90 Day Promise” for agricultural tire customers, giving them 90 days to decide whether they wanted to keep the tires they’d purchased. The 100-Day Promise is a simple extension of that deal.

Titan’s Ag Products manager, Scott Sloan, said: “We decided to introduce this program for two reasons, first being the significant quality improvements we’ve made over the last few years. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we wanted to extend our previous 90-day satisfaction program to allow the customer even more time to test out the performance and durability of our tires — all with no risk.

“Secondly, we wanted to make sure our LSW (low sidewall) tires were covered under the new program, because we know some growers may be hesitant to try new technologies. This now allows them to reap the rewards of LSW, and gives them the peace of mind that they can refund them if not completely satisfied.”

How it works

Titan’s deal is good for any Titan or Goodyear Farm Tire bias or radial (R-1, R-1W, R-2, R-3, R-4, I-3, HF-1, HF-2, HF-3), skid steer tires and LSW tires. The customer has 100 days to try the tires out in real-world conditions and decide if they are the right tire for their equipment and needs. If not, they take the tires back to the dealer they were purchased from and they’re given a full refund. If the tires came OE on a piece of equipment, they just need to take the tires back to an authorized Titan dealer and they can swap them out for any other Titan or Goodyear Farm tire. This is at no cost to the customer. Titan will pay any labor costs involved with tire swaps.

How can they do this?

Simply put, Titan is confident in the technology and design of their ag tire products, following improvements to the quality of their product line. This includes increasing the amount of field testing they do, switching to a centralized location for all compound mixing to maintain product consistency, and an increase in research and development spending. These have all contributed to decreasing their total warranty claims for agricultural products by 75 percent since 2013.

Yes, of course there are restrictions

Most importantly, the person making the claim under this program has to be the original owner of the tires/equipment. The tires also have to be new when purchased.

Titan states that labor costs incurred as a result of a customer making a claim under this program are covered. However, it’s worth noting those costs “will be reviewed” before a decision to reimburse the dealer is made.

Any new tire that is somehow damaged and becomes unserviceable can no longer be put on a “100-day Promise” claim. Those tires will fall under Titan’s Workmanship and Material Adjustment Policy instead.

Talk to your local Titan representative to find out more.

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