Titan adds three new sizes to the Titan ACT wheel line

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Titan International recently introduced three new sizes to the Titan Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) wheel line, a wheel technology proved to reduce downtime associated with tire changes and rotations by up to 50 percent.

The ACT wheel is now available in 33-, 35-, and 49-inch wheels, featuring single-piece lock rings in addition to the 51-, 57- and 63-inch sizes. Designed to fit nearly any rigid framed dump truck, the ACT wheel is compatible with any brand of off-the-road tires, including Titan tires.

The ACT wheel eliminates the need for the outside wheel to be removed when changing the inner tire. All the bolts stay on and there’s no need to torque the wheel — whereas the standard wheel requires removing both the inner and outer wheels and re-torqueing.

Test results

Titan also recently conducted a test that put the Titan ACT wheel head-to-head against a standard wheel on a rigid dump truck in an Alabama mine. Watch below to see the results from the test.

The test demonstrated that a Cat 777G needing four inner dual rotations or replacements per year, saving 1 hour and 10 minutes per inner dual, and running approximately 1.5 additional cycles per every 1 hour, 10 minutes could mean more than $80,000 in additional coal production per year, per truck just by running Titan ACT wheels.

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