Timberland Tires launches complete range of CUV and AT tires

Omni United has released 15 additional sizes of the Timberland CROSS. Image from Omni United.

Timberland Tires launches complete range of CUV and AT tires.

Omni United has released 15 additional sizes of the Timberland CROSS, increasing the size range to 35 in total. The company has also released the new Timberland A/T, with a range of 30 sizes.

The brand now has excellent coverage in a highway touring pattern and a more aggressive on-road A/T tread pattern for the most popular crossovers, SUVs, and pickups. The Timberland A/T has a uniform tire quality grading (UTQG) of 500 AB backed by a 50,000 mile warranty. The tires are designed to provide genuine off-road capabilities and rugged looks without sacrificing on-road manners. Features such as stabilizer ribs between the large tread blocks and beveled block points help to create balanced performance on or off the highway.

The Timberland CROSS has a 65,000 mile warranty and UTQG of 600 AB. It is designed to deliver the comfort of a touring tire, the durability of a light truck tire, and confidence-inspiring grip on slippery roads and in adverse weather conditions.

Tires designed to be recycled

Both product lines are built in the U.S. Timberland Tires are also creating a stir in the market because they have been specifically designed to be recycled into footwear outsoles after their road life. It’s a new step in recycling, which is more about designing products to be upcycled from the start. It’s another example of manufacturers considering their products as part of a cycle — much like the Closed Loop Fund, a budding $100 million effort by a group of large companies to invest in recycling infrastructure and in the process put more recycled materials into manufacturing supply chains.

The target market is the same audience that knows and buys Timberland footwear, apparel and accessories — active people who enjoy spending time outdoors and connecting with friends and family. These customers value quality products and are brand conscious in other categories but not knowledgeable about tires.

“We want to demystify tires for this audience and bring some of the excitement and sizzle of the fashion industry to our category,” said founder and chief executive of Omni United, G.S. Sareen.

The brand has launched a series of product videos via various social media and ran a promotion in collaboration with UBER in New York City. Consumers had the opportunity to explore the streets of New York with a free 30-minute journey. The lucky riders were provided with a complimentary pair of Timberland boots and rode in the backseat of a Timberland-branded Jeep outfitted with the new Timberland CROSS Tires.

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