TBC Brands introduces new medium radial truck tire brand

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TBC Brands, a distributors of proprietary brand tires in North America, announced the launch of a new medium radial truck tire brand, Prinx Tires.

Exclusively distributed by National Tire Wholesale (NTW) retailers in North America, the Prinx medium radial truck lineup is available in seven application types delivering uncompromising value.

  • The AR602, a regional steer all position tire line, is suitable for long wear and excellent grip.
  • The TH107, a multi-axle decoupling groove trailer tire line, is the perfect choice for users looking for line-haul or regional use.
  • The line developed to meet the demands of line-haul and regional trucks, the DH106, was produced with a closed shoulder design for high-speed performance and even wear.
  • The open shoulder drive tire line, the DR601, is suitable for regional applications where additional traction is needed.
  • AM210 is a mixed service all-position tire line designed for on- and off-road usage with its cut and chip-resistant compound while the AM211’s wide base is suitable for challenging on- and off-road mixed service conditions and all wheel positions.
  • For dump trucks, logging trucks or concrete mixing trucks, the DM212 tire line offers maximum traction on- and off-highway

“We’re excited about the addition of this new brand and the expansion of our program offering,” said Bill Dashiell, Senior Vice President of the Commercial Tire Division for TBC Brands. “With applications in line haul, regional and mixed service, as well as multiple axle positions within each application, Prinx Tires reinforces our commitment to continued growth.”

Prinx medium radial truck tires feature a five-year warranty for workmanship and materials that includes a no charge replacement within the first 2/32nd or twelve months from date of purchase, whichever comes first, due to a defect in design, workmanship, or material. A five-year radial casing warranty is also provided featuring a retread warranty for up to two retreads and a casing allowance.

“We’re thrilled to be the sole distributor of Prinx medium radial truck tires in the U.S.,” said Rodger Smith, President & COO of NTW. “This lineup will provide our customers high quality products and improved availability all at a competitive price.”

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