Rotary Lift unveils new R1200 Leverless Pro Tire Changer

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Rotary Lift has rolled out the new R1200 Leverless Pro Tire Charger to address the common challenges facing today’s modern shops.

Packed with easy-to-use features and designed with automated and intuitive controls, the R1200 helps technicians decrease repair time, increase accuracy, and more easily change high-performance tires and rims without causing damage.

“With so many different wheel types out on the road, we knew it was important to have a tool that can meet our customers’ needs whether they are changing a run-flat, low-profile or light truck tire,” says Kevin Jones, wheel service product manager for Rotary. “Over the years, we’ve received feedback from shops on what they need and want in a tire changer, and the R1200 delivers on those insights. From the synchronized arms, automated features and ergonomic design to the wheel lift and leverless demount tool, the R1200 is designed to help make what technicians do every day easier.”

The R1200 Leverless Pro features

The R1200 Leverless Pro has a quick-locking and adjustable center post that offers three different height options to work from, giving operators added flexibility. Technicians can easily select the height that works best for each tire, helping to increase productivity and improve efficiencies as well as reduce the chance of injuries.

The changer can handle wheel diameters from 10 to 30 inches, tire widths of up to 19 inches, (depending on wheel offset) and a maximum tire diameter of 47 inches.

The R1200 uses a patented air-operated, high-strength polymer-modified mount/demount tool and comes standard with a wheel lift. The changer also comes equipped with variable speed control, which allows the operator to determine the rate of speed at which the tire spins. Having slower spin speed options allows for more control and helps avoid damage to specialty rims and tires.

The changer’s dual bead rollers work to easily separate the tire from the wheel. Each bead roller can be used independently, or the arms can be fully synchronized. This removes the need for a camera or mirror to check the tire placement. With the match mounting feature, it is easy to index a tire to a wheel. These features allow technicians to change tires faster and get their customers’ vehicles back on the road quicker.

Taking customer feedback to the next level

“At Rotary, we strive to make equipment that’s high quality, long-lasting and supportive of our customers’ businesses,” says Jones. “Since introducing our wheel service line, we’ve made our biggest stride yet: launching a tire changer that’s more compact, more efficient, easier to use and better at changing tires.”

In addition to the launch of the R1200 Leverless Pro tire changer, Rotary is launching the We Hear You Hotline, a dedicated service line where customers can leave feedback on Rotary products by calling 866-770-0187.

“We take customer feedback seriously—and we’re always thinking about how our equipment can work harder for them,” adds Jones. “Not only that, but since customer feedback plays such an important role in what we do, we wanted to give customers a way to share their insights on our products. We hope that this will help us to continue to innovate and improve upon the next generation of wheel service and lift products.”

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