Prometeon Tire Group unveils new H:01 Proway line for fleets

© Prometeon

Prometeon Tire group unveils FH and TH:01 Proway tires as part of its H:01 Proway tire line. The new tires have been designed for use over long distances and to meet the competitiveness needs of modern fleets.

Cost efficiency

The Proway Line has been designed to offer maximum efficiency in long-distance transportation, thanks to reduced Rolling Resistance which delivers greater fuel savings.

The tire line enhances the already optimum performance in terms of mileage, on both axes, of the previous series, for an excellent Total Cost of Ownership.


The new Proway Line is available in the FH:01 design, conceived for the steering axle, and the TH:01, dedicated to the drive axle, and was developed for an all-season application. Both tread designs comply with winter regulations and are certified with the 3PSMF marking to guarantee the highest levels of performance, safety and durability in all seasons. In fact, the new treads are designed to offer reactivity, grip and traction in all conditions, even on wet and snowy roads.

The performance improvements were made possible because of new important innovations introduced in the :01 Series technological package:

  • The new tread design Prometeon Patent (Patent pending) TH:01 (for drive axles), which is designed to evolve and maintain traction characteristics on slippery surfaces throughout the life of the tire.
  • TH:01 Proway’s innovative compound that guarantees improved energy efficiency (from class C to B), equal to a 20% reduction in the value of Rolling Resistance compared to the previous line, maintaining the already excellent performance in terms of mileage.
  • The geometry and footprint of the tread, optimized to provide excellent performance in terms of even wear. With a 20% improvement in snow grip and an excellent handling, the tire’s safety remains constant even in the most demanding conditions.

FH:01 Proway Tire | © Prometeon

“Tests conducted among many European fleets have confirmed the excellent performance in terms of Rolling Resistance of Proway H:01, with consequent real economic savings for the fleets, maintaining top performances in mileage and safety in all seasons”, said Alexandre Bregantim, Chief Technical Officer of Prometeon Tire Group.

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