PODCAST: Universal Tire on why dealers should avoid Chinese tires

PODCAST: Universal Tire on why dealers should avoid Chinese tires

In this week’s podcast Sarah Mitchell talks to Joe Arisso, Caribbean and Latin American sales representative for Florida-based Universal Tire International.

Hit by the U.S. government’s new tariffs on Chinese-made tires, Universal came up with solutions to get ahead of the game and ensure quality affordable tires were available for their customers.

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Show Notes

Here are some key take-outs:

• Universal has moved its truck tire production to Thailand to avoid the tariff from tires made in China. The new Thai-made tires are of a better quality than the Chinese-made tires.

• Chinese tires have an oily residue, but the Thai tires — or U.S. tires — have a more matte appearance.

“The raw materials that go into a Thailand-made product must be about ten times more superior than the quality of the materials that go into a China-made tire.” — Joe Arisso

• Arisso recommends dealers and distributors stop buying tires from China because the regulatory and tax situation is too risky — tariffs could go up at any time.

• Environmental laws in some states are also set to provide problems for tire dealers. California, for example, wants to ensure all trucks on their roads are SmartWay verified.

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• The Universal Tire website is here.

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