Phoenix Race Tires introduces seven new drag racing tires

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Phoenix Race Tires, a division of Coker Tire Company, has introduced seven new sizes for its lineup of bias ply and radial slicks geared toward the sportsman drag racer. A variety of sizes and compounds are available to fit many applications, from weekend warriors in stock suspension street cars to Super Stock cars and dragsters.

4.5/28.0-15 Front Runner – This Phoenix front tire is sized for mid-sized cars or vehicles needing a larger front tire. A common application for this tall front runner is Nostalgia Super Stock. The new front runner is being developed with the latest tire technology and is DOT-certified. Designed for drag race use, it’s also a great choice for muscle cars, street rods and gassers, and can see limited highway use.

9.00/28.0-15 – Sized to fit general applications on most stock body cars for entry- and higher-level competitive drag racing, this tire utilizes the latest drag tire technology to ensure a balance of maximum traction and down track stability, to achieve the best ET’s and speeds.

9.00/28.0-17 – Accommodating late-model muscle cars, this new Phoenix tire offers fitments for many applications. The tire hooks hard and mounts to a one-inch wheel, which is large enough to clear most modern disc brake systems. Its tall and narrow design fits within the original wheel wells of most modern muscle cars.

10.5/28.0-15 – This size is commonly used on stock suspension “small tire” drag racing, fitting most applications without major modification to the body or chassis. The 10.5/28.0-15 tire offers racers another option, as engineers developed the ultimate compound for a long-lasting tire that hooks hard.

10.5/28.0-17 – Another new tire that offers direct fitment for modern muscle cars with large disc brakes, the Phoenix 10.5/28.0-17 targets the huge 10.5 market. With a flexible sidewall and plenty of contact patch, this tire is an instant upgrade to high horsepower applications such as Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and more.

10.5/28.0-15S – Targeting the 10.5-inch market, this new tire is being developed with the latest drag tire technology. A (S) stiff-sidewall helps move the car forward faster with less tire wrap-up. To achieve faster reaction times, it’s the perfect choice for racers running on a PRO tree start.

10.5/28.0-15WS- Similar to the brand’s other new 10.5/28.0-15 slicks, this variation includes (W) extra wide tread and (S) Stiff-sidewall to move the car forward faster with less tire wrap-up, achieving faster reaction times.

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