Openbay unveils major integration for its Otis advanced chat platform

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Openbay, an automotive service marketplace and SaaS company, announced the company has enhanced its advanced and automated online chat solution Openbay Otis to include support for a wide range of major tire suppliers and wholesalers.

Otis now supports over thirty tire suppliers and wholesalers to include ATD (American Tire Distributors), TireHub, NTW, U.S. Autoforce, Max Finkelstein, and TR Wholesale. This update positions automotive service and tire businesses to create a digital experience of their own and to sell more tires and tire-related services online.

“At Openbay, we are delivering innovative solutions to position our customers to meet the demands and expectation for real-time information from today’s passenger and commercial vehicle owners in need of tires and automotive services,” said Rob Infantino, founder and CEO of Openbay. “Results show that more than 65% of visitors to automotive repair websites are using a mobile device. Because of this, on-line chat is the ideal platform to engage visitors. With support for major tire suppliers and tire wholesalers, Otis becomes a more powerful sales platform that allows our customers to strengthen relations with current and future customers.”

Update to Openbay Otis – tire features and more:

Otis advanced online chat is designed exclusively for automotive service and repair businesses. Otis now features tires from major tire and wholesale suppliers in addition to the following features:

  • Otis appears like online chat and is fully customizable
  • Online conversations are menu driven or visitors can free form type similar to texting
  • Otis understands human written language and can respond in the same, powered by AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Delivers service estimates for all YMM vehicles in real-time for most mechanical services to include parts and labor
  • Delivers customized service estimates for complex repairs based on your business metrics (parts margin, labor rates)
  • Tire inventory from all your tire suppliers; displays brands, sizes, features, warranty, and pricing
  • Supports staggered tire fitment
  • Displays tire and installation pricing in real-time
  • Supports 2-way customer texting and live chat if desired
  • Operates 24/7/365
  • Converts and helps monetize web visitors into customers
  • Captures customer contact information
  • Books service appointments
  • Scalable across multiple locations
  • and more

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