Nexen unveils first-ever off-road tire, the Roadian MTX Tire

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Nexen Tire has announced the global debut of the all-new Roadian MTX Tire. The Roadian MTX (Mud Terrain Xtreme) is Nexen’s first entry into the highly competitive hardcore off-road market. Working to set their tires apart, Nexen developed the MTX to provide customers with their own custom selection by providing two different reversible side walls. One side is designed to be more aggressive with side wall traction; the other is meant to give the truck more of a traditional look. Although the custom side wall is a key feature to this all-new tire, the actual performance of the tire under extreme off-road conditions is what sets it apart. Nexen set out to create a mud terrain tire that is great in mud and for rock climbing, while remaining practical with optimized silent performance on highway terrain. Nexen is currently testing the tires under real-world conditions in Southern California, from the mountains to the desert to the 405 freeway.

Key features of the Roadian MTX tire include:

  • Distinctively designed dual sidewalls – Beast and Machine – giving the customer the freedom to choose the look that best represents their lifestyle and vehicle
  • 3-Ply sidewall protection for better stability and durability when hauling heavy loads and dealing with harsh off-road terrain
  • Burly lugs for maximum grip, aggressive traction and complete control
  • Patented, optimized block positions which reduce tire noise when transitioning from mud trails to asphalt streets
  • F Load on all flotation sizes and maximum air pressure of 80 PSI for increased towing capacity, a higher load capacity and functioning TPMS sensors
  • Reinforced rubber belt that delivers exceptional load-bearing durability over a range of applications
  • Rim protector bar on sizes 20 inces and up to keep your prized rims safe from curb-rub or rock abrasion

The Nexen Roadian MTX tire Featuring ‘Machine’ sidewall design

“Off-road enthusiasts make up the largest growing segment in the auto industry. Rather than throw a tire out there in the market to fend for itself, we decided to engineer a tire that provides customers with options for customization. Whether you want your Jeep or Bronco to be aggressive or simply want your truck to have a pronounced look, one thing remains a constant, the new Roadian MTX will out-perform the competition,” said Kyle Roberts, senior director of marketing at Nexen Tire North America.


The Nexen Roadian MTX tire Featuring ‘Beast’ Sidewall Design

The 35/12.5 R20 Roadian MTX tire will be on display at SEMA in the Nexen Tire Booth #61012 (Outdoor Silver Lot 2) from October 31 through November 3. For more information, or to set up a viewing of the new tire at SEMA, you can contact

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