New iConfigurator vehicle customization tool launched

The iConfigurator tool brings customers' dream rides to life. Credit: Icon Media

New iConfigurator vehicle customization tool hits market

The newest version of Icon Media’s popular online vehicle customization tool has been released and promises even better functionality, faster loading time, more intelligent analytics and an expanded product and vehicle database – making it the most complete visual fitment guide in the automotive aftermarket industry.

The iConfigurator i15 is a web-based software tool that gives retailers the ability to show their customers which wheels and accessories are available for their vehicle and what the upgrades will realistically look like.

Currently the iConfigurator content library contains:
• 25,000+ vehicle images ranging from 1915 to 2016
• 296 aftermarket wheel brands
• 96 tire brands
• 8 aftermarket grille brands
• Steps, push bumpers and bull guards from Aries Automotive


The iConfigurator tool brings customers’ dream rides to life.

New features added to iConfigurator

The latest version is mobile responsive across all platforms and works on iPads, tablets and smartphones. All the menus and functionality are written in Java so that Google and other search engines can now index 100 percent of the content. This feature increases the search engine optimization (SEO) on Google and other search engines and is therefore easier to find.

“People want to see, with their own eyes, how their ride is going to look,” iConfigurator head of marketing, sales and support George Bosy said. “The iConfigurator performs at lightning speed, integrates easily with existing websites and allows customers to create the exact vehicle they are looking for.”

Bosy said the new iConfigurator i15 also shortened the sales process for retailers by allowing them access to more brands and fitment data, and distributors have instant access to accurate wheel data, brands, and retailers throughout the iConfigurator network.

More information at your fingertips

Manufacturers and brands have access to analytics detailing the more than 2,000 retailers in the iConfigurator, including which vehicles are being searched, which wheels are being viewed and what is trending in the retail market.

“This is one of the only forms of advertising that ROI can be tracked and measured,” Bosy said. “Many Icon clients have discontinued traditional forms of advertising; this is because once you’re in the iConfigurator network, you have instant access to the real time tools you need to grow your business.”

The iConfigurator network adds roughly 50 retailers per month, 150 vehicles per month, and currently has the largest high-quality vehicle image library in the industry. Bosy said since the initial release in October 2010, iConfigurator subscriptions had at least doubled every year.

iConfigurator i15 also offers:
• Accurate data, a simple-to-install code, an extensive library of vehicles, UTV/ATV/golf carts
• 360 degree interactive photography, videography, and product rendering
• Vicinity-based quote requests
• Inventory feeds for tires and wheels
• Ability to preview accessories on your car, truck, SUV, ATV, UTV, golf cart

A demo of the iConfigurator i15 can be found at

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