SEMA: New pneumatic jacks do the heavy lifting for you

Phoenix 22-ton jack.

SEMA: New pneumatic jacks do the heavy lifting for you

Myer Tire Supply has added the Phoenix brand of workshop equipment, including a range of heavy-duty jacks, to its product range.

Myer spokesman Matt Ryan said the Phoenix jack came in a range of sizes including the 22-ton car jack commonly used for service trucks, 30-15 ton, 40-20 ton and 50-25 ton capacities. Bottle jacks are also available.

“We were really looking for a high quality jack that was a little better than the industry standard or entry-level jack, but at a price point that was better — to make a BMW affordable for the common man, basically,” he said.

A closer look at the 22-ton Phoenix Jack

The 22-ton Phoenix jack is a heavy-duty piece of equipment with a one-piece handle to help with stability, right-hand control, protection for internal hoses and quick and easy cylinder ascent.

“Rather than a hydraulic bypass it has a pneumatic bypass,” Ryan said. “You have to have a pressurized airline hooked up to it for the jack to work. So let’s say the hose gets hooked up, someone runs it over or it becomes disconnected — the jack locks. It’s a nice little safety feature for the guys. It’s really safe.”

Pneumatic inset 1

The Phoenix 22-ton jack has a one-piece handle

“With the pneumatic nothing goes through the hydraulic unit, it’s all controlled through the pneumatic unit, so you’re not putting any undue pressure on the cylinder or the hydraulic unit, so that’s helping the jack last a lot longer than a typical jack.

“Then we have an aluminum air motor which allows it to be a lighter weight. It has ball-bearing wheels so it’s rolling smoothly, it’s highly engineered — overall it’s a very well thought out jack.”

The jack is modular and all parts can be replaced. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Phoenix impact wrenches available, too

Myer’s new distribution deal with Phoenix means there are plenty of other new tools available at your local store, too. Ryan said the ½-inch cordless impact wrench was getting a lot of attention at SEMA.

“More and more the industry is moving towards cordless, purely for convenience, and with this drill you’re getting a ton of power,” he said. “This runs 435 ft. lbs. of torque — more than enough to take care of any passenger car that you’d be running to, and then the battery life is lasting about two-hours with continuous use. But I’ve had guys say it lasts about eight hours.”

Pneumatic inset 2

The Phoenix ½-inch cordless impact wrench

Battery charge time is about 45 minutes. The wrench is available in standard and two-inch anvil.

For more information about the new Phoenix range of jacks and tools visit the Myer Tire Supply website.

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