Michelin showcases new ag tire inflation system

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Michelin showcases new ag tire inflation system

Michelin has joined with Precision Inflation to demonstrate a new central tire inflation system (CTIS) and show the agricultural industry how the technology can improve traction, save fuel and minimize compaction.

To demonstrate Precision Inflation’s CTIS at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, a Challenger MT965E (550-HP engine) 4WD tractor was fitted with eight Michelin MachXBib 710/70R42 tires. CTIS enables a tractor operator to change tire pressures on the go for the best performance when changing from road to field conditions. Footprint boards placed under the tires were used to demonstrate the difference in tire footprints from road to field when using the system.

The tire pressure on the Challenger’s eight tires can be adjusted with the touch of a button on the tractor’s control panel. CTIS is widely used in Europe and has been increasingly used in North America to minimize compaction and increase traction, fuel economy and tire performance.

How does it work?

The operator presets the CTIS to optimal tire pressures for each axle for the road and for the field so the operator can always expect full performance from the equipment no matter the travel surface. The recommended preset pressures are based upon the size of the tire, the weight on the axle and the speed and work the equipment is doing.

This gives more traction and power to the ground, provides a smoother ride on the road and field, and offers greater stability and handling with just the press of a button. It also has green credentials – improving soil health by reducing compaction, increasing fuel economy and prolonging tire life.

The CTIS can be retrofitted to any tractor and is available on the Challenger 900 Series tractors this fall as a dealer-installed option run through the CAN ISOBUS. It is also available for all other equipment now through Precision Inflation.

For the first time on a North American production tractor, the new Challenger 1000 is exclusively offering two types of MICHELIN tires as OE — Agribib 480/95R50 rear duals and Axiobib 750/75R46 IF (Increased Flexion) rear duals.

For more information on the CTIS, visit the Precision Inflation website.

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