Michelin selected as exclusive tire supplier for Pilatus PC-24 aircraft

© Michelin

Michelin has been selected by Pilatus as the exclusive supplier of the Pilatus PC-24 ─ the world’s first “Super Versatile Jet”.

Designed for business, freight, medical evacuation, shuttle or special government mission applications, this business jet will be equipped with Michelin AIR aviation. The original fitment from Michelin will be used for both the main and nose tires of the jet.

This bias tire is engineered with highly-durable rubber compounds and special sidewall compounds for long-term ozone and UV light protection. The extra-strong sidewalls are enhanced to provide for nose landing-gear safety. Michelin AIR is designed to provide excellent hydroplane resistance and smooth taxiing.

“We are honored to know Pilatus recognizes Michelin as a trusted partner for its original-equipment needs,” said Robert Sevener, global lead for Michelin general aviation. “The Michelin AIR is designed to provide Pilatus with safe, reliable and durable performance during these take-offs and landings when a smoothly-paved runway is not always an option.”

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