See Michelin’s new surface-mine tire, trailer retread

Michelin XDR3 MB4 surface mine-haul tire. | © Michelin

See Michelin’s new surface-mine tire, trailer retread

Michelin’s two new product lines might be poles apart but they are both all about endurance. The company’s new XDR3 MB4 surface-mine haul tire promises increased tire life, reduced operational costs, and improved operator safety, while the new Oliver Rubber brand long-haul trailer retread offers long, even wear and excellent wet traction.

The XDR3 MB4 – designed for trucks of 400 tons and over – was developed through six years of testing. The tire has new compounds and a new tread pattern that Michelin says increase tire life by a minimum of 10 percent without compromising on ton mile per hour (TMPH).

Safety in mining conditions is always paramount

With productivity and safety paramount in challenging mining conditions, Michelin has incorporated corrosion-isolating cables into the tire architecture and the tread pattern enables load distribution across the contact patch, lowering contact pressure and reducing wear rate. The tread pattern design promotes heat dissipation to prevent overheating, which can result in tire failure and poses a threat to operator safety.

The XDR3 is available in 40.00R57 size, is MEMS-ready and has a new flat bead wire which strengthens the clamping force on the wheel, increases its contact surface with the rim and reduces slip.

The non-directional tire also benefits from more solid-steel cables, increased metal mass, thicker sidewalls and a new steel belt that offers increased protection against punctures in the tread area. The cable-reinforced carcass means it has a load capacity of nearly 36 tons, the shoulder design helps the tire cool more quickly, and the central zone and large lugs are cut-resistant to improve durability and traction. Wide grooves and channels provide traction and grip on graded and loose ground conditions.

Designed for tough conditions

Designed to operate in tough conditions — typically in mining they work up to 23 hours per day in extreme terrain — and will replace the XDR2 line over the next several years.

“(The) tire, tested on all truck brands, is designed for punishing environments such as oil sands and other surface-mining operations where safety and performance is the goal,” said Michelin North America director of earthmover marketing Jamey Fish.

For more information and specifications on the XDR3 check the website.

New Oliver Rubber brand trailer tire retread, ORCO HS

Meanwhile, Oliver Rubber has launched the ORCO HS Trailer – a cost-efficient, trailer-position retread for regional and long-haul applications. According to Michelin, the retread provides a “winning combination of long, even wear and excellent wet traction for a variety of trailer applications.” For use by single and tandem-axle trailers, the ORCO HS Trailer has Oliver’s VDI Plus tread feature which resists stone retention and other road debris and helps enforce any pull point schedule, while its shallow tread depth of 11/32nds enables cool running.

Oliver rubber

Oliver Rubber ORCO HS Trailer

The ORCO HS Trailer is available in four sizes: 205, 210, 220 and 230 and has a national warranty to 2/32nds of tread depth.

For more information and specifications on the ORCO HS Trailer, visit the website.

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