Monster tires for James Bond’s Spectre

James Bond’s Land Rover Defender has 38-inch tires. Both images and videos credit Sony Pictures.

Monster tires for James Bond’s Spectre

Fast cars, beautiful women, gadgets, villains and 007 himself all take center stage whenever a new James Bond film is released.

But when the spy’s latest adventure, Spectre, opens across U.S. theatres today fans might be surprised to see some monster tires taking a starring role.

While James Bond hasn’t abandoned his famous Aston Martin, during one important sequence the secret agent is chasing the bad guys through snow-covered Austrian mountains. He’s in a plane (no, seriously) and some of the baddies are in a Land Rover Defender Big Foot.

Studded tires for alpine chase

As Bond flies low through the snow, the villains are putting a set of 38-inch studded LT395/70R16 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Radials through their paces.

A source at Land Rover in the U.K. — where Bond production company EON Studios is based — told Traction the Defender had HD track rods to ensure robust wheel and tire performance.

Using 16”x12J bead lock wheels allowed for the reduced tire pressures necessary to increase the tire footprint on the ice and snow.

The massive tires give the alpine off-roader a monster truck look befitting a Bond baddie — although they’re hardly an incognito option if you’re trying to remain low-key.

The snow-capped sequence is perhaps a fitting farewell to the Defender, which will cease production in the U.K. at the end of this year, after 57 years.

Top Gear’s “Stig” is 007 stunt driver

The stunt team behind James Bond — which includes Top Gear “Stig” driver Ben Collins — also left plenty of rubber around the streets of ancient Rome. Film fans will be treated to a car chase between Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 and a bright orange 800-horsepower Jaguar C-X75, driven by bad guy Mr. Hinx.

You can have a taste of the chase in this video from Sony Pictures.

While the average U.S. tire dealership might not have too many DB10s or C-X75’s drive into the shop, they sure do see a lot of trucks and four-by-fours. After seeing Spectre, there’s every chance a few more customers will want 38-inch Mickey Thompsons.


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