ITP launches new Tenacity series high performance SXS Tires

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Carlstar Group’s ITP announced the launch of the 10 ply radial Tenacity XSR (Xtreme Steel Radial) and Tenacity XNR (Xtreme Nylon Radial) tires.

The Tenacity series is the next installment of premier high-performance tires from ITP.

“The new Tenacity line features high-quality construction techniques that translate into the higher performance expectations of today’s Super Sport SxS enthusiasts,” said Rhett Turpin, Director of Sales -Powersports for The Carlstar Group.

Both the Tenacity XSR and XNR tires feature the same modern, computer-aided,non-directional tread pattern, specifically designed for desert, gravel, rock and sandy terrain.

The new chain type pattern increases traction in loose terrain, while the staggered shoulder blocks ensure consistent traction in rocky and rutted trail conditions.

A new rubber compound, unique to the Tenacity family of tires, effectively balances traction and tread life.

“Both the XSR and XNR have similar features,” said Todd Hinson, Market Segment Manager –Powersports for The Carlstar Group. “But they also have very distinct internal components that set each tire apart.”

Tenacity XSR

The Tenacity XSR is ITP’s first steel belted radial design tailored for the extreme rider/competitor.

  • Reinforced steel belts offer the competitive/aggressive rider improved puncture resistance;confidence-inspiring high-speed stability;and traction on par with light truck/off-road tires
  • A more rigid body ply construction method provides crisp steering response

Tenacity XNR

The Tenacity XNR brings the same high-performance as the XSR, but is designed for the recreational rider.

  • Carcass built with premium Nylon body plies and CCB (continuous cap belt) in a lighter, non-steel belted version
  • Nylon belts offer improved compliance for trail riding over rocks, roots, and rutted conditions at lower speeds

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