Hunter Quick Pit solution now with unmanned inspection equipment

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Tire dealers who invest in Hunter Engineering’s unmanned inspection equipment now can take advantage of the Hunter Quick Pit solution, a new single-pour solution that simplifies the concrete work to install Hunter inspection equipment.

Hunter’s Quick Pit was created to minimize disruption to shops’ service drive during installation of inspection equipment. During the installation process, a service drive can go from floor-cut to smooth concrete in as little as eight hours. Timed right, service lanes can be running new Hunter inspection equipment within little to no downtime.

With Hunter’s unmanned inspection system, Quick Check Drive and Quick Tread Edge, shops can effortlessly boost alignment and tire sales.

With Quick Tread Edge, service providers can maximize tire sales and provide customers with informative, in-depth inspection results. Paired with Quick Check Drive, Hunter’s touchless alignment inspection system, automatic alignment and tire readings are captured in seconds. The system can cycle passenger-car vehicles through every 3-5 seconds.

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