Hankook Tire introduces automatic inspection system in product testing


Hankook Tire is applying an automatic inspection system based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology and digital sensor to leverage efficiency and consistency at the final stage of product testing.

“Hankook has been positioning itself as a digital leader. The development of the automatic inspection system is yet another feature aligned to such innovation, making it possible for us to secure a leading position in digital transformation in this fast-changing business environment,” said Hyunshick Cho, Vice Chairman and President of Hankook Technology Group, “We will continue to pursue innovation and advance towards a global top-tier company.”

With AI technology, the computer will be able to systematically find any defects in nonconforming patterns which will accelerate the process. To ensure driver safety, Hankook’s trained experts conduct a variety of tests with advanced equipment during the entire inspection process. In particular, three thorough inspections are performed at the final stage to detect any possible defects: internal inspection using Interferometer Tire Tester (ITT) to detect existence of air bubbles inside tires, x-ray inspection to closely examine the inside of tires, and external inspection.

This new technology will not only maximize consistency and efficiency of the internal inspection using ITT, but also improve facility operation rate by reducing the decision-making time. Hankook plans to apply AI technology to x-ray inspection and external inspection as well.

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