Hankook looks at the future with 360-degree rotating “Ball Pin Tire”

© Hankook Tire

Hankook is showcasing its 360-degree rotating “Ball Pin Tire” at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt. As the 3rd project from “The Next Driving Lab”, Hankook Tire aims to use the most advanced technology to deliver a futuristic driving experience. The campaign began in 2013 and continues to highlight the company’s longstanding commitment to progressive, forward-thinking innovation.

The “Ball Pin Tire” is a unique future-oriented tire capable of moving in a full 360-degree circle, meaning right angle turns and zigzag driving is possible.


To help the “Ball Pin Tire” achieve the full potential of its futuristic technology, Hankook Tire has installed an advanced gyroscope and a three omni-wheel system to the vehicle. The gyroscope and gyro-sensor measure and detect three-dimensional angles on the vehicle in order to maintain perfect balance between the body and the tire. In addition, the precision control of the three omni-wheel system gives drivers the freedom to drive flexibly at any speed.

The Next Driving Lab campaign was launched in 2013 with the unveiling of Hankook Tire’s Digital Creative Car on the streets of Seoul, Korea. The campaign’s next venture was the Mind Reading Tyre showpiece, which featured a tire capable of responding to brainwave commands.

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