Goodyear launches new FUELMAX Endurance tire line

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Goodyear has announced a new fuel efficient and versatile product line called FUELMAX Endurance.

This range of steer and drive axle tires provides an innovative solution for transportation and logistics companies operating both on highways and secondary or state roads referred to as inter-regional applications.

“With the new FUELMAX Endurance, we bring the fuel efficiency known in highway operations to secondary and state routes. It’s efficient and hard-wearing, offering low emissions and excellent grip as well as long-lasting performance and mileage. With this new product line, we wanted to bridge the gap between sustainability and reality in the daily operations, said Grégory Boucharlat – Vice President Commercial Europe.”

Efficient and long-lasting performance

As a new standard tire fitment for new trucks, the range covers a wide variety of haulage applications while supporting manufacturers to further lower emissions levels of new heavy-duty-vehicles by 2% on average in comparison to a C-label tire for fuel efficiency.

Until now transportation operators often had to choose between durability, strong mileage performance or excellent fuel efficiency when it comes to tires. FUELMAX ENDURANCE is designed to make that choice easier for fleet managers who are seeking cost and fuel efficiency as they are no longer limited by the type of road they operate on.

More sustainability by adding extra service life with Goodyear Retreading and intelligent solutions

Underlining Goodyear’s commitment to the circular economy the new FUELMAX Endurance is fully compatible with Goodyear’s Retreading program. The drive tire will be available as a premium TreadMax moldcure retread adding extra mileage while providing the same features and benefits as the new innovative tread and reducing tire costs up to 30%.

In combination with Goodyear’s smart tire monitoring solutions including Goodyear TPMS, Drive-Over-Reader and most recently launched DrivePoint, the service life and fuel efficiency can be significantly enhanced. Further supporting transportation companies in their move towards a more sustainable future.

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