Get a Grip on Your Fleet with Magna TPMS

Leading International OTR tyre manufacturer – Netherlands based Magna Tyres has announced the launch of its own in-house Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on Thursday 18th January as yet another additional service for its ever-increasing global customer base.

Hein De Wind, Commercial Director at Magna Tyres says, “In line with the company’s dedicated objective of operating beyond the conventional role of a tyre producer by constantly looking at new ways to get the absolute maximum out of our tyres. The introduction of our own meticulously crafted and comprehensive TPMS solution will perfectly align with our customers specific needs and provide an even closer collaboration with Magna Tyres.

Magna TPMS offers real-time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring with alerts on moderate and extreme readings, 24/7, even when the machine is unpowered. Whilst the system allows users to swiftly react to   situations in the field by identifying problems early on and providing prompt insights. Automatic emails of actions can be sent from the system to the appropriate person within the organisation and can be easily linked to a Desktop version as well as a mobile App (iOS/Android). Thanks to the GPS location tracking of Magna TPMS, the system monitors distance travelled, and hours used for tyre usage statistics.

Other benefits include specialised Valve Sensors that continuously measure all the important information you need to run a smooth operation, such as Pressure, Heat, Speed and Distance. Whilst the Magna Gateway is the beating heart of all information gathering which is measured by the sensors and through the CAN-bus then collected and transmitted in real-time.

Plus, the system monitors every move and every statistic of an entire fleet, no matter when or where in the world it is operating. Reducing Downtime and Improved Efficiency to help fleet managers oversee maintenance and detect early issues for prompt corrective actions. Whilst saving time on Pressure Checks and meeting legal requirements, highlighting potential problems and preventing exceeding load capacities.

Hein concludes, “The introduction of Magna TPMS will effectively enable our customers to monitor their tyre performance leading to increased mileage performance and further improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is the next natural development in our close partnership with our customers to ensure working with Magna Tyres is always highly successful.”

For further information about Magna Tyres’ comprehensive product base contact Magna Tyres on +31 416 675 220 or email

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