Training staff will get easier in Detroit and Boston

Garage Gurus training center/on-the-go vehicle Credit: Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Training staff will get easier in Detroit and Boston

Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ successful automotive training and education service, Garage Gurus, continues its growth in 2016 with an expanded curriculum, new training centers and technician incentives.

Despite only being launched in 2015, Federal-Mogul will open its eleventh Gurus training center in Boston this month, followed shortly by a twelfth facility, in metropolitan Detroit.

The company now has a broad industry footprint that includes not only its regional training centers, but Gurus-On-The-Go product technology vans, which are staffed by ASE-certified professionals. The Gurus network is capable of reaching as many as 100,000 industry professionals each year, and Federal-Mogul predicts this number will grow as it continues to build its network.

Currently training facilities are open in the Los Angeles area, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, St. Louis, Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale.

What is Federal-Mogul’s Garage Gurus network?

Garage Gurus is the central element of Federal-Mogul’s “Tech First” initiative, designed to offer comprehensive, accessible technical education and support to professionals who diagnose and repair today’s vehicles.

“The Garage Gurus concept itself is a game changer, as it represents a significant commitment to the future of the industry by one of its largest suppliers,” said Brent Berman, Federal-Mogul Motorparts director of training and consumer experience.

Garage Gurus

On-the-go vehicle. Credit: Federal-Mogul Motorparts

“We recognize that the auto care profession will continue to grow only if the frontline professionals who diagnose and repair vehicles can remain on the leading edge of technology. As such, our investment in Garage Gurus is an investment not only in current and future technicians, but also in each of our channel partners’ businesses.”

What does Garage Gurus offer automotive technicians?

“The industry is constantly evolving, and there is a lack of ‘postgraduate’ training programs available to frontline techs,” Berman said.

“Garage Gurus fills this void and allows technicians of all skill levels to remain current with the diagnostic and repair demands of today’s vehicles. This, again, is an important investment in the future of the auto care industry – one we believe will pay impressive dividends not only for technicians and repair shop owners, but also for the channel partners who supply their parts.”

Each Garage Gurus training center includes multiple vehicle repair/training bays and classrooms and serves as the operating base for one or more “Gurus-On-The-Go” product technology vans.

The curriculum comprises more than 100 diagnostic and repair courses, including onsite workshops, field clinics and distance learning modules and webinars. All training, product demonstrations and related assistance are available in English and Spanish.

It has also introduced several new courses, including test preparation courses for the ASE A4 Automotive Steering and Suspension and A5 Brakes certification exams. Led by ASE-certified Gurus, each course will review all topics included in the corresponding ASE exam as well as test procedures, guidelines and sample questions.

New and improved curriculum

Also new to the curriculum are four-hour evening workshops available at all Garage Gurus training centers:

  • Analyzing Today’s Ignition Systems (IGN.303.1.WS)
  • How to Use Your Lab Scope (IGN.305.1.WS)
  • Understanding Fuel Trims (IGN.304.1.WS)
  • Advanced Brake System Service Tips and Techniques (BRK.206.1.WS)
  • ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Testing (BRK.207.1.WS)
  • Diagnosing Modern Chassis Systems (SS.105.1.WS)
  • Calibrating Steering Angle Sensors (SS.106.1.WS)
  • Fel-Pro® Engine Misfire Diagnostics (ENG.404.1.WS)

Enrollment is open for all classes and workshops in all facilities with the exception of Detroit. Industry professionals can register for any course by visiting or calling 800-325-8886.

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