ESP to provide free data mobility product for Tireweb distributors

Tire business owners are doing it tough during COVID-19, so E-Solution Professionals (ESP) wanted to do something to make life a bit easier for them to run a more profitable business.

Tireweb is providing a new way for tire distributors to use their own inventory data to process orders directly from their dealer’s Point of Sale (POS) software. Kevin Marley, Managing Director of ESP, explains how this new technology is helping tire distributors reduce the complexity of doing business with multiple tire dealers.

“Each tire distributor, tire dealer and POS software system has their own processes, formats and part numbers,” Mr. Marley said.

“This creates many combinations of data for the tire distributors and tire dealers to exchange for inventory, pricing data, and to transact orders.”

Tireweb Connection Center removes complexity when ordering

The Tireweb Connection Center manages the data exchange in real time so tire business owners on both sides of the POS equation no longer have to worry about converting data to work in their system.

Tireweb Connection Center removes complexity in ordering.

“Think about it like going to a supermarket. Everything is in one store, the pricing and availability is obvious, and the check-out process is the same no matter what product you buy.

“It’s a lot easier than it used to be when I was a boy. You had to go to five different stores to do your shopping, all with different processes and check-outs,” Mr. Marley said.

“The butcher had one system; the grocer had another. You bought your fruit and vegetables from a fresh produce store and their system was different. Milk and dairy were delivered to your house and that was yet another system.

“The supermarket changed all that and gave everyone a common way to shop for all their groceries.

“That’s what the Tireweb Connection Center is doing for tire business owners, making everything easy and convenient,” Mr. Marley said.

New technology at no cost to tire businesses

POS companies can take advantage of the Tireweb Connection Center to extend their software to import inventory and pricing data and allow tire dealers to place orders with any of the various distributors they buy from.

“We access a lot of different data systems, not just Tireweb distributors,” Mr. Marley said.

Here’s the best part: the Tireweb Connection Center integrations with POS systems will be available at no cost for all distributors using Tireweb’s ecommerce platform.

“We have been looking at ways to help our distributors during COVID-19,” Mr. Marley said.

“We invested a lot of money in this project because we want to help our distributors.

“It is more efficient for a tire dealer and tire distributor to use the Tireweb Connection Center when buying and selling tires, so we think it will make a difference in their business,” Mr. Marley said.

“The Tireweb Connection Center is already in use by many tire-specific POS companies today,” Mr. Marley said.

Some of the tire businesses already using the Tireweb Connection Center.

“I expect a distributor could reach the majority of their dealers through our service, allowing dealers to shop for all the data they need in one place. Any POS software can integrate with this service.”

Tireweb’s data mobility technology is also available for companies with a demand for data, like those building websites for the tire industry. If you’re interested in a data licence, contact Sheila Waters at

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