U.S.-made mobile tire changer a simple fix on the road

REIFEN attendees after a demonstration of the Universal Impact. | © ESCO

U.S.-made mobile tire changer a simple fix on the road

It’s the nifty demounting tool that runs off a power drill and lets you rip a tire off a rim in about 30 seconds, no matter where you are.

The ESCO Universal Impact Driven Demounter has already helped revolutionize mobile tire demounting in the U.S. — taking the back-break out of a job that’s tricky away from the workshop. But late last month the American invention also proved a big hit with the Europeans, when it went on display at the REIFEN Show in Germany.

Ryan Palka, international sales manager at ESCO, the Florida-based equipment company behind the Universal Impact said: “It’s been extremely popular in the U.S. for several years and we’re just introducing it now to the European market. We’ve had an incredible reaction to the demonstrations — people have been flocking around to see it working because there’s really no tool like this on the market.”

“So at this show we’ve got company after company selling these very expensive demounting machines, which is great, but for the everyday tire guy — someone who can’t afford $8,000 — they can pick up this tool and for less than $800, that does the same job quickly, and save themselves a bunch of money.”

Users can demount multiple tire sizes with just this one mobile tool. All they need is a cordless drill to operate it and they can take it anywhere. It’s also impressively fast and easy to use — taking the tire off the perimeter in about half a minute.

Here’s ESCO president Steve Dyer demonstrating how the Universal Impact is used, especially for Traction News.

Dyer said several thousand units had been sold in the U.S. and were already being used by mobile tire service operators, tire shops, truck repair centers, the mining industry, farmers, and do-it-yourselfers.

“Basically it’s being used anywhere where they’re having trouble demounting tires, especially the 19.5, the 17.5 — sizes like that,” Dyer said. “It’ll do anything with a drop center — from a lawnmower, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) tires, right on up to a grader.

“If you’re doing road work, it reduces a lot of the opportunities for back injuries because you’re not prying or lifting the wheel twice, you just take it off all at once on one side.”

Dyer said the Universal Impact Demounting Tool came from the same inventor of the CHEETAH Bead Seater. The tool is made in the U.S. and retails for about $750. He believes introducing the tool to the European market was an obvious next step for ESCO.

For more information, visit the ESCO website. If you can’t get enough of watching the tool in action, watch this demonstration where five different sizes of tires are removed from their rims.


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