Dan the Tire Man launches new tire website:

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Dan the Tire Man, a tire e-commerce company that offers a No Credit Needed lease-to-own program, launched a new tire website that will appeal to women,

“Most of the calls we get are from men who want to use our leasing program to fix up their cars and trucks. But I’d say 7 out of 10 times they say ‘I need to check with The Wife first.’ My wife/business partner, Katie, hates that expression,” jokes Dan Marsh, co-owner of

“I do but I am glad to see that couples do check in with each other before making large purchasing decisions,” said Katie Marsh, co-owner of Dan the Tire Man. “Since women are 50% of the drivers on the road, we thought it would be nice for there to be a female presence in the industry.” is serviced by the same co-ed staff as The only difference is that will continue to focus solely on the lease-to-own program while is a traditional tire and wheel website where customers shop and pay via credit card at checkout then the product is delivered to the customer’s home generally within 5 business days.

“I think the #MeToo movement has expanded into a women empowerment movement where women expect to be treated as equals even in traditionally male-dominated industries. By offering two different gender-named websites, we’re hoping to offer more balance in the industry,” said Katie Marsh.

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