Trailer tires: Cooper releases new RM272 sizes

Trailer tires: Cooper releases new RM272 sizes

Two new sizes have been added to Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster RM272 commercial tire line.

The tire, which is specifically designed to withstand the demands of drop-deck trailers, is now available in sizes 11R22.5 and 295/75R22.5.

Cooper says the RM272 is designed to “ward off irregular wear and damage due to curbing.” It features a four-belt steel casing and has a slightly rounded tread footprint, a reinforced shoulder (to help withstand extreme side forces) and a tread compound that has been specially formulated to provide optimum balance between resistance to those side forces and maximum wear. It is a tire well suited for straight trucks and recreational vehicles where stopping and starting occur frequently. Cooper says the stone ejector ribs in the grooves also help preserve the casing for retreading.

cooper 1

The Roadmaster RM272. © Cooper Tire.

RM 272 designed to withstand abuse

Cooper Tire director of truck and bus tires Gary Schroeder said: “Tires in this application are arguably the most abused of any in the trucking industry and we designed the RM272 to withstand this harsh punishment.

“We looked at a variety of tread profiles that could minimize the load on the shoulder rib and worked toward a design that distributed the load more evenly across the entire footprint, so that the shoulder takes on less of the lateral forces.

“We know that fleets are continually looking for opportunities to be more cost-efficient and our RM272 tire can help them attain this goal.”

More information on the RM272 is available from the Cooper Tire website here.

Warranty information is here.

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