Check out all the new tires Yokohama launched in Geneva

Yokohama’s BluEarth-Es ES32 all-season tire. | © Yokohama

The Yokohama Rubber Company has announced that several of their tires will soon be available in Europe and other markets. Some of these are completely new tires while others have been available for a while in other markets, namely Asia and Japan.

BluEarth RV-02 arrives in Europe this summer

When it arrives this summer, the BluEarth RV-02 will be the third in the company’s lineup of a worldwide “environmentally, human and socially friendly” brand of tires. It gets this description because there are things about it that are designed to be friendly to the driver and surrounding living environment. One of these features is that it generates less noise that can interfere with comfortable conversations with everyone in the vehicle.


The Yokohama BluEarth RV-02

The tire will come in 35 sizes, ranging from a smallest overall of 195/65R15 up to a largest of 245/35R20, and is aimed mostly at the SUV/CUV market for on-road tires. Europe’s grading system gives it an “A” for wet surface performance and a “C” for rolling resistance.

Spring brings the BluEarth-Es ES32 to three regions

Oceania, Asia, and Europe will be the first three rollout regions for the BluEarth-Es ES32 brand of performance all-season tires. Sales in Latin American and Middle East markets will follow gradually. The company says the BluEarth-Es “provides a well-balanced package of the four core performance traits of any tire – wet grip, wear resistance, durability, and fuel efficiency.”


Yokohama’s BluEarth-Es ES32 all-season tire

The BluEarth-Es will be available for a wide range of car models and years. There are 73 sizes ranging from 175/70R13 up to 235/40R18. In a nod to the fact that larger diameter wheels are in fashion, several of these sizes will be in the 17- and 18-inch wheel sizes.

New BluEarth winter tire launches in fall for Europe

The new BluEarth*WINTER V905 tire was developed to meet stringent environmental requirements in Europe and is based upon the existing W*drive V905 tire. The company says the materials technology and basic design concepts of the BluEarth series give “superior stability and performance on ice, snow, and in wet and dry conditions, while also delivering superb fuel efficiency.”


Yokohama’s BluEarth*Winter V905.

Designed for the SUV and passenger car markets, it will be available in 119 sizes with the smallest being the 195/80R15 and the widest being the 295/30R22. The tire’s predecessor, the W*drive V905 was highly rated by the official publication of Germany’s Allgemeiner Deustcher Automobil-Club (ADAC), ADAC Motorwelt.

Studded iceGUARD iG65 hits Northern Europe and Russia first

The new iceGUARD iG65 is a passenger tire that’s studded to help deliver better traction in the snowy and icy conditions found in Northern Europe and Russia. Yokohama says it’s “a state-of-the-art tire that delivers ultimate performance on icy surfaces,” which is due to the greater number and distribution of the studs.


The iceGUARD iG65 studded tire.

Based upon the iceGUARD iG55, the iG65 will be sold in 29 sizes mainly targeted at premium cars. The 215/65R16 is the smallest overall tire, while the wider side of the spectrum is a 245/40R18. The iG65 also improves the tire’s performance on wet and dry surfaces as well as snow. The iceGUARD line is represented in North America and Asia by the iG50.

Fall 2017 will usher in reintroduction of company’s landmark A008P


The new Yokohama A008P

The company announced the tire’s comeback at the 87th Geneva Motor Show’s kickoff press conference on March 6. The Yokohama A008P was originally launched in 1989 and was certified as original equipment on the Porsche 911 type 964. This usage of Yokohama tires continues to their flagship tire, the ADVAN Sport V105, which is OE for Porsche vehicles currently in production. Porsche’s booth at the Show has a 1989 Porsche 911 930 Turbo Cabriolet, from Porsche’s museum, shod in a prototype of the new Yokohama A008P.

Traction News reached out to Yokohama to find out when these tires will be available in the U.S., but they did not respond. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

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