Carlstar Group introduces new tire for UTV/SxS vehicles

© Carlstar Group

Carlstar Group unveils the new Carlisle Brand Tires PaveMaster for UTV/SxS vehicles, running often on hard-packed surfaces and paved roads. The specially designed tread center zone gives perfect stability on these surfaces.

“The PaveMaster tire was originally conceived due to a need for a hard-surface friendly tire designed for a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride in European regions where road use is common in villages and moving from one agricultural area to another,” stated Rhett Turpin, Director of Powersports at The Carlstar Group. “In addition to these attributes, our designers recognized the need for ample off-road traction as well. The result is a directional tread pattern in radial construction that provides a responsive, smooth, quiet ride on hard surfaces and good traction and cleanout in off-road and wet conditions.”

“The PaveMaster was designed for those seeking a radial tire that will provide stability while driving on pavement and hard pack terrains,” said Todd Hinson, Powersports Product Manager at The Carlstar Group. “The directional tread pattern provides traction in loose conditions and a rounded shoulder for effortless steering.”

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