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Bridgestone introduces digital tool box for tires

Bridgestone has introduced “Toolbox,” its next-generation digital tire assessment and asset tracking platform for truck and bus tires. Available as both a desktop and mobile application, Toolbox has been already deployed globally in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, and Latin America. It is scheduled for release in Japan next month.

Designed to empower Bridgestone’s mobile workforce, “Toolbox” is designed to deliver meaningful and actionable insights to fleet customers during tire inspections. It can also provide matching results with the actual operating conditions, as well as a profile of the customer to help optimize overall tire usage, tire selection, and maintenance practices. “Toolbox” also contributes to Bridgestone’s digitalization of its value chain by providing invaluable data to improve tire development cycles.

Compatible with various inspection, “Toolbox” helps to improve field productivity, and by the end of 2017 it will be deployed in more than 80 countries, and available in over 30 languages.


“Toolbox” is also fully integrated with Bridgestone’s other digital assets such as “BASys”, its end-to-end retread management platform, and “Tirematics” the company’s latest IoT powered tire pressure and temperature solution.

In January 2017, Bridgestone established a dedicated organization called the “Digital Solution Center” tasked with accelerating the global development and deployment of digital solutions across the value chain. With these digital assets, Bridgestone continues its commitment towards information and communication technology, while also providing customers with new and innovative business models.

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