Bridgestone develops custom tire for Maserati’s MC20 flagship supercar

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Bridgestone Americas announced it has been selected as the exclusive tire supplier for the MC20, Maserati’s new flagship supercar.

The collaboration between Bridgestone and Maserati focused on enhancing the exceptional performance capabilities of the new MC20 supercar through the development of premium, custom-engineered Bridgestone Potenza tires.

Bridgestone played a significant role in improving the MC20’s high performance capacity with its custom Potenza tires featuring an asymmetric tread design for enhanced steering response and cornering stability, a newly developed tread compound that enhances grip, and an internal crown structure that distributes footprint pressure evenly when cornering.

“Our custom-designed Potenza tires on the Maserati MC20 were engineered to meet the high-performance demands of this unique vehicle,” said Shannon Quinn, president, original equipment, North America, Bridgestone Americas. “Collaborating once again with Maserati, we developed a Potenza tire that enables Maserati’s MC20 to deliver on its power, control and sporting capabilities, while incorporating innovative, sustainable technologies to bring the MC20 to market.”

Both Bridgestone and Maserati used in-house research and development centers and ground-breaking virtual development technology to design and test the tires on the MC20. Through its proprietary virtual tire modelling technology, Bridgestone also reduced the length of the development process, limiting its environmental impact and cutting the project’s time to market.

“The MC20 project is the latest chapter in the pioneering relationship between Bridgestone and Maserati,” said Federico Landini, Maserati Vehicle Line Executive sports cars. “We both share the same passion for innovation and excellence, and want to offer to our customers premium products that deliver outstanding results. Bridgestone engineered a sports tire capable of supporting and enhancing the incredible performance of the MC20.”

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