BFGoodrich puts up cash for top trails

BFGoodrich tires are put to the test on an off-road trail.

BFGoodrich puts up cash for top trails

BFGoodrich Tires has launched this year’s Outstanding Trails program — the annual competition that awards $4,000 grants to off-road clubs across North America.

Each year the company awards grants to four correctly qualified and suitably passionate off-road clubs so they can preserve and protect off-road trails in their hometown area.

To date, Outstanding Trails has awarded grants to 40 off-road trails nominated by 38 local clubs throughout North America. The program has provided more than $150,000 in grants in support of these trail conservation efforts.

Check out last year’s winning trails here.

So how do my local off-road clubs enter?

Nominations for this year’s trails are now open and will be accepted through July 15. You can enter through the BFGoodrich Tires website.

The competition invites off-road clubs from across North America to nominate local trails that merit grants for maintenance or refurbishing. Trails are selected based on uniqueness, terrain type and enthusiast support.
BFGoodrich has assembled a panel of judges comprising four-wheel industry veterans to evaluate Outstanding Trails grant submissions. This group selects three winning trails, which will be announced at Off Road Expo in October.

How can my dealership get behind the program?

Outstanding Trails might be a national program but it’s also a fantastic local opportunity. That $4,000 in funding could make a great deal of difference to your local off-road club — which will be manned by dedicated and hard-working local volunteers.

First, some of your local clubs might not know this funding opportunity exists — so get in touch with them and let them know.

If you can, offer your time and resources to help them put together their application. It probably won’t cost you much — maybe a few hours of your team’s time — but it will create a tremendous amount of goodwill between you, your business, and the club.

What can I do if they don’t win?

If your local club is unsuccessful in winning the BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails funding, chances are that work they wanted to do still needs to be done anyway. Do you have the local business and political contacts to be able to raise those funds for them? Or could your dealership afford to chip in a couple of grand to help out? Showing you support local organizations like this is a great way to have your dealership’s brand associated with something positive in the community.

For your efforts you might get your face in the local paper. Or maybe you’ll just get all the off-road club members putting your logo sticker on their bumper. The end result? You’re going to see more people (especially off-road enthusiasts) coming into your shop because they know you’ve got the community’s interests at heart.

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