ASA integrates loyalty program offering into TireMaster

ASA integrates loyalty program offering into TireMaster

ASA Automotive Systems has partnered with loyalty program providers Lift & Shift and BAYiQ to provide fully integrated loyalty program services with its TireMaster software.

Customer loyalty programs have been shown to be enormously successful in boosting business in the tire and auto service industry, particularly in the area of customer retention. ASA, which recently added Carfax tools to its TireMaster software, said the move means ASA dealers will be able to easily implement customer loyalty programs and reap the rewards.

What do Lift & Shift and BAYiQ bring to the table?

Lift & Shift helps dealers understand what their customers are buying and what they aren’t. The program then generates product and service promotions with offers in a variety of currencies — from in-store discounts and airline miles to gift cards — aimed at increasing transaction frequency, size and total spend.

The Lift & Shift program also hosts a customized rewards website for the dealer’s customers where they can self-enroll, refer friends and family members, check their account balance and redeem or donate points, meaning there’s no pressure on staff for administration. Dealers also have a dashboard where they can review metrics on customer visits, transaction size and total spend.

“ASA customers have access to reams of valuable customer transactional data that can be used to retain customers, increase visits, drive larger transactions and capture greater share of each customer’s category spending, and our new partnership will enable them to do just that,” said Lift & Shift president Graham Farrell.

BAYiQ’s cloud-based and fully automated rewards program automatically starts managing the dealer’s customer database. Customers earn points for every purchase that can be redeemed for dealership rewards certificates or donated to dealer-selected charities.

Help customers earn rewards or donate to charity

As well as providing dealer portals with analytics and ROI data, BAYiQ has a traffic-building customer referral program and can create co-branded rewards cards with the dealer’s local groups, clubs and businesses. BAYiQ founder Patrick Murphy said the company was “revolutionizing the way dealers market by providing an end-to-end acquisition and retention program.”

“Loyalty and reward programs empower dealers to engage with customers more, increase shop loyalty and boost average ticket value,” said ASA president Ken Halle. “With Lift & Shift and BAYiQ, TireMaster customers have two great options to extend the power of their software and increase the lifetime value of customers.”

Lift & Shift’s multi-currency loyalty solution and BAYiQ’s cloud-based marketing and rewards platform are both now available to companies running TireMaster software.

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