The rhino is back! Armstrong releases truck & bus tires

The Armstrong brand will return to American roads. | © Armstrong

The rhino is back! Armstrong releases truck & bus tires

Armstrong’s famous rhino logo is set to return to America’s roads.

The reborn brand launched its new website yesterday, indicating eight truck and bus radial fitments are now available for a wide variety of applications, including trailer and steer and drive axle tires.

Armstrong also plans to release SUV, CUV and light truck tires later this year. The brand is being positioned as “a premium, value-driven alternative from a beloved American icon.”

The website marks the resurgence of an iconic American brand in the Twentieth Century, featuring its next generation of tires in a sleek, mobile-responsive and user-friendly navigation experience, designed with the signature Armstrong palette of striking reds, slate grey and black. The website allows users to move their mouse over and explore key tire features in detail, including safety, durability, strength, and fuel-efficiency.

Armstrong’s North America director Carl Casalbore said: “We want the user to ride through the history and future of Armstrong in a digital realm. It’s important they understand the heritage of the rhino and the brand’s values to see how it has evolved into its newer, fiercer, and savvier face.”

Here are Armstrong’s new truck and bus tires

ASH A premium steer axle tire for long-haul applications offering excellent traction and sharp steering.

ADH A premium drive axle tire for long-haul applications offering increased mileage and resistance against uneven wear. Available in 11R22.5/14; 11R22.5/16; 295/75R22.5/14; 285/75R24.5/14.

ATH A premium trailer tire for long haul application offering extraordinary mileage and resistance to uneven shoulder wear. Available in 11R22.5/14; 11R22.5/16; 295/75R22.5/14.

ASR A steer axle tire designed exclusively for pickup and delivery applications offering improved handling and steering. Available in 11R22.5/14; 295/75R22.5/14; 285/75R24.5/14.

ADR A drive axle tire designed regional service applications offering improved traction and the ability to withstand high load conditions. Available in 11R22.5/14; 11R22.5/16; 255/70R22.5/16.

ASR1 A steer axle tire exclusively designed with ‘All Position’ capability for regional applications offering long mileage and resistance against abrasion. Available in 12R22.5/16; 295/80R22.5/16; 315/80R22.5/20.

ADR1 A drive axle tire for regional applications offering superior road grip and retread-ability. Available in 12R22.5/16; 295/80R22.5/16; 315/80R22.5/20.

AOM A trailer tire for mixed service application offering improved floating and traction and the ability to withstand overloads. Available in 425/65R22.5/20.

Download the catalog here.

New engineering, heritage brand

The Armstrong brand may go back as far as 1912, but the new tires have been completely reengineered. With a new manufacturing facility that integrates state-of-the-art technology and seamless production practices, the company promises the next generation of tires has been “constructed with precision and craftsmanship, staying true to their legacy”.

Along with ongoing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Smartway Certification, each tire is subjected to testing for performance, durability, and safety before entering the market.

Armstrong is inviting dealers to express an interest in carrying their brand and fitments. For more information, check out their website.



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