Toyo improves all-season tire versatility

Toyo improves on all-season tire versatility.

With winter just around the corner your customers will be debating whether to change to winter tires or stick to an all-season option. It is a tricky decision that has always required a trade-off: all-season tires offer versatility but don’t grip as well when the snow and ice hit, while winter tires are great in the snow but wear much faster.

But that traditional trade-off could soon be a thing of the past.

Variable-condition tires a game-changer

Toyo Tires has introduced a new tire they say combines the versatility of all-season tires with the safety of tires designed specifically for winter. Celsius Variable-Conditions Tires are designed for people who live in states where they could face wildly different road conditions in the space of one day. Perhaps they drive to work in dry conditions only to have a fast-moving winter storm leave snow on the roads for the commute home. Or maybe they live in an area below a mountain resort where they commute for work or play.

Toyo claims the tire has better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire. The variable tread technology Toyo has developed means Celsius is an asymmetric tire with a visibly different tread from inside to outside. It has snow claws at the base of the outer circumferential grooves to help improve deep snow traction while providing block rigidity for better ice and wet traction.

Toyo chief operating officer Roy Bromfield says Celsius is an upgrade for anyone “expecting, or not expecting, to drive in ice and snow this winter on all-season tires.” “The convenience and safety of Celsius is a tremendous benefit in today’s busy world and answers the demand for hassle-free, one-stop solutions,” he said.

Are variable condition tires safe?

Independent third party testing found Celsius stopped up to 31 feet shorter on snow and eight feet shorter on ice than a typical all-season tire if fitted to a CUV/SUV. The tires stop up to 14 feet shorter on snow and eight on ice for passenger cars. The tire also carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, signifying the tire meets or exceeds industry-established snow traction performance requirements.

What are the variable condition tire options?

The Celsius family of tires includes Celsius for passenger cars and Celsius CUV for crossovers. Celsius is available in 14-, 15-, 16- and 17-inch rim diameters, with widths ranging from 225mm to 275mm with 65 down to 50-series profiles. In addition to a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, Celsius qualifies for the Toyo Tires No Regrets Trial Offer.

These tires may meet that elusive year-round goal without the compromises other all-season tires force your customers to make. Find out more at Toyo Tires.

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