Just Tyres: Where are all the women in the automotive industry?

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The number of females in the automotive industry is known for being particularly low. But did you know it is as low as 16% of females accounting for this sector?

It’s no surprise then that the gender gap remains an ongoing issue, with job opportunities being one of the hottest topics of discussion, most recently with the BBC pay gap. In addition with it being 100 years since women gained the right to vote, many of us are not only looking at how far women have come in this period of time, but also what work still needs to be done to reach the goal of gender equality.

One of the most recent stories highlighting the gender split has been in the automotive industry itself, with the grid girls campaign after F1 bosses announced they would be abolishing their long-standing tradition of grid girls as it is “at odds with modern-day societal norms”. It’s safe to say then that the automotive industry is not new to facing scrutiny when it comes to gender equality.

So in such a male-dominated industry, just where are all the women on the automotive giants’ managerial boards? Just Tyres reveal all with their intriguing graphic. The graphic looks at ten top automotive companies, such as Toyota and Ford, to see which automotive companies have the highest percentage of female Directors and Executives.


The best automotive company to represent women

Out of the top 10 automotive companies, FCA takes the lead as the company to best represent women overall. 27% of the Board of Directors at FCA is female, and 38% of their 8 Executives are also female.

The worst performing automotive company, in terms of female representation

After producing a whopping 9.1 million vehicles in the fiscal year of 2017, Toyota saw a business boom last year. But in terms of their female representation across their top levels of management, this automobile giant fails miserably. There are the only company to have zero female employees in both their Board of Directors and Executives.

General Motors have the highest percentage of women on their Board of Directors

General Motors Company lead the way with the highest percentage of women on their Board of Directors, led by none other than Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of the company since 2014. However this percentage is interestingly still only 50%. There are never any more women than men across the automotive industry to feature on this top board of management.

For more information on the women in the automotive industry, visit Just Tyres.

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