5 Relaxing Activities for Truck Drivers Rest Stops

Truck or delivery drivers play one of the most important roles in the modern world, moving essential goods from place to place across America. It is a high-pressure role and time is always of the essence. There is, however, one definite use of the truck drivers time that must be accounted for and planned into each of their trips on the road; this is a well-earned, well-planned rest throughout any long trips or to break up long hours of driving. Here are 5 of the best ways to ensure that if you’re driving long-distance, you also get a decent rest.

1. A Meal

Having a meal when you stop to rest is a great idea, even if simply because you must have something to eat to keep your energy levels up. Many drivers eat as they drive but stopping to have a light meal and a few moments to freshen up can make for a useful rest stop. The one tip in this regard is to keep in mind that a carbohydrate heavy meal will make you feel more tired once you get back behind the wheel. So, save the carbs for when the driving is done for the day.

2. A Book

If there is a planned stop and you know how much time is available, it is always a good idea to have some reading material. A good book that can be continued at all the stops along the way works well, but many have alternatively sworn by the local newspaper as a way to keep relaxed on a driving break and know what’s going on around you.

3. Gaming/The Online Casino

Make sure that you have taken your smart mobile devices as online games are a wonderful means of taking the mind off the drive. Whether it’s the fast action multiplayer shooter games or the type of casino games found at reviews sites like, these are a known way used to relax when not on the drive. Have a set time limit for the driving break and then always stop playing in time to also freshen up before hitting the road again.

4. A Call Back Home

Check to see when you’re planning your driving routes that you have sufficient signal at all your planned stops and then arrange to make a call to family and loved ones. Keeping in touch with those left at home will serve to re-energize the driver. It may also be a good time to update those awaiting your freight or packages.

5. Some exercise or stretches

Don’t do your entire gym session in one go as this will only serve to tire you out. Look to some of the more simple compound exercises and stretches to keep the body flexible and able to continue the drive. A great number of drivers have begun to practice yoga stretches and core exercises on their stops to keep their backs and shoulders in shape and able to cope with the long hours of driving.

The idea when long distance driving is to stop every three hours or so and ensure that the driver is refreshed and alert before they retake the wheel. One of the biggest risks and dangers on the road is accidents caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel or simply having slower reflexes from being tired. The tips as suggested herein will go a long way to ensuring that this never happens to you.

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