What are the Major Causes of Scaffolding Accidents on Construction Sites?

Working on a construction site can be safe if workers follow all the safety protocols. However, many workers are injured while working on construction sites because of the negligent actions of a construction company or an employee who is responsible for a scaffolding failure. These are issues that could have easily been avoided if safety precautions were taken seriously. If you have been injured on a construction site due to someone’s negligent actions or inactions, then you should consider hiring a New York scaffolding accident lawyer at Friedman Levy to exercise your legal right to seek compensation from the liable parties. Common causes of accidents involving the support structure or platform include the following.


If the platform was improperly designed or improperly manufactured, then it may be regarded as defective. If a defective platform causes injuries to a worker, then the companies that manufactured, designed, or sold the platform may be held liable. These companies should assess these platforms before letting their employees work on them. Everything needs to be properly accounted for to avoid these types of situations. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries or death.

Improper construction

The support structure may not be defective, but it must be constructed correctly. When it is inappropriately constructed, such as failing to install guardrails or affixing all the attachment points, then this will increase the risk of the platform collapsing. The platform must be constructed using adequate knowledge and supervision. If a person sustains injuries because of an improperly constructed support structure, then the company that was responsible for the construction may be held liable. Employees are in the right to assume that their working conditions are safe. Anything beyond that is the responsibility of the employer and they need to pay their dues.

Inadequate maintenance

Since the platform remains in place for an exceptionally long time as the construction takes place, it needs to be regularly maintained and repaired to preserve its structural integrity. In addition, old structures need to be replaced over time. If the structure is inadequately maintained, its surfaces may become slippery, and this may result in slipping incidents. These can be dangerous for employees to work on every day. They aren’t prepared to possibly injure themselves on a platform that is supposed to be checked on by a higher-up.

Inadequate worker training

All the workers that will be operating on the support structure need to have adequate training. This is because a worker needs to have specific training and skills to construct the platform and work on it during their day-to-day activities. It’s expected that every employee will be held to a high standard. Which means they have all the training necessary and are certified to work in this position. If they haven’t received that training and people are assuming they know what they are doing, it can lead to serious trouble.

Inadequate access to safety equipment

Even when the platform has been correctly designed and constructed, the workers must be given adequate safety equipment. This includes proper safety harnesses to prevent injuries if a fall occurs. In addition, the workers need structurally sound carabiners, hard hats, gloves, and appropriate footwear. Construction workers are required to wear this equipment to keep themselves safe from their working environment. If an employer fails to make sure that they are safe, then they can get into severe trouble. An employer needs to uphold their duty and check in on their workers and their equipment to make sure it’s in top condition.

Not protecting workers from falling objects

In addition to protecting construction workers from falls while working on the platform, construction companies also need to protect those working on the ground from injuries that may be caused by falling objects. Pedestrians have a right to walk around in the city, as some need to get to work or have obligations to complete. They assume that the area under construction is safe enough for them to walk around, as it should be. Construction workers need to be aware of their surroundings and ensure that no debris is falling around where it might hurt someone.

Dangerous working conditions

If a construction worker is working on the support structure on the outside of a building that is being constructed, then the weather needs to be taken into consideration. This is because snow, rain, ice, and significant temperature changes can cause hazardous working conditions and compromise the integrity of the support structure. If the conditions are too risky to work in, then it is expected that they either stay home or complete a safer task. If employers are forcing workers to continue working in those conditions, it can lead to severe damage or even death.


Workers who use the support structure can be protected from sustaining injuries in loads of diverse ways. They can continue properly constructing and maintaining the platform. This will ensure the safety of all the workers involved. Workers can offer adequate worker training, provide safety equipment to workers, and protect construction workers from falling objects. If companies continue with this best practice, they can avoid dealing with injuries or other severe issues.

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