Uniroyal introduces new all-season tire: AllSeasonExpert 2

© Uniroyal/ Continental

Uniroayal Tires announced the successor to its AllSeasonExpert tire, the AllSeasonExpert 2. The company’s new all-season tire offers balanced performance for safe driving in both summer and winter season.

The AllSeasonExpert 2 also employs innovative Shark Skin technology. The main differences compared to its predecessor are better performance in the dry, and lower rolling resistance, without affecting the tire’s good braking characteristics on wet and snow-covered roads. The developers tackled the trade-off between dry performance and winter performance with an innovative tread pattern in which the blocks have been reconfigured, while a compact central rib provides additional stability. The sipe concept has also been optimized. The range initially extends over 50 sizes for 13 to 18-inch rims, with approvals for speeds of up to 240 km/h. Many of the products have an XL marking and/or a rim protection rib.

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