TW Protection, Allstate Dealer Services team up for new protection service

TW Protection teams up with Allstate Dealer Services to offer a new service that allows consumers to purchase tire and wheel protection when they purchase new tires through tire retailers. Tire and wheel protection is traditionally offered to consumers when they purchase or lease a vehicle through automotive dealerships.

Consumers who purchase Allstate Tire & Wheel Protection benefit by receiving tire repair or replacement, alternate transportation (e.g., car rental or taxis), mounting and balancing, wheel repair or replacement, roadside assistance, and trip interruption. Allstate Dealer Services’ president, Dave Border, says “We are always looking for new ways to protect consumers from the unexpected events that come with owning a vehicle. This partnership with TW Protection helps us further this mission by offering consumers a comprehensive tire and wheel protection plan whenever and wherever they purchase new tires.”

TW Protection has created a user-friendly B2B portal that can be accessed from a tablet, phone or website. This portal allows retailers to easily access instant quotes and generate contracts. It also serves as a marketing tool that allows retailers to show consumers the features and benefits of Allstate Tire & Wheel Protection. Tablets will be provided to all retailers offering the protection to their consumers.

Allstate Tire & Wheel Protection will soon be offered at TW Protection affiliated tire stores and auto repair shops that sell new tires. By selling this product to consumers, retailers have the ability to increase their revenue through product sales and service retention.

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