TreadWright releases new all-American Claw II mud tire

TreadWright’s Claw II MT Series has been released. | © TreadWright

TreadWright releases new all-American Claw II mud tire

Texan light truck and SUV tire manufacturer TreadWright has launched a new series of mud terrain tires, the Claw II MT.

The tires, which are made in the U.S. at TreadWright’s plant in Houston, are designed to deliver “enhanced performance on even the most challenging 4×4 off-road terrain.”

In releasing the Claw II MT Series, the company said: “Its tread pattern has enhanced traction features designed to handle the most extreme mud, gravel and snow driving conditions. Its narrow lug design gives the Claw II more surface area, preventing excessive road noise when driving on the highway, making your drive to and from your off-road adventure even more enjoyable.”

A “green” American-made tire

TreadWright tires are manufactured with 70 percent recycled content, including premium brand tire casings. The company uses a European manufacturing process called remolding to apply full-grade truck rubber to the tire casing — the same mold cure process as traditional branded and original equipment tire manufacturers. Each environmentally friendly tire uses 65 percent less oil than standard tires to produce, and less energy is consumed in the manufacturing process.

TreadWright claims Claw II series tires “get the same mileage as most premium original equipment LT/SUV tires on the market.”


Chief executive Anthony Showen said: “Our new Claw II series delivers great performance and value, and we’re also proud of the Claw II’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process, which may be the greenest in the U.S.

“The Claw II and all our family of tires are perfect for outdoorsmen, hunters, fishermen, 4×4 enthusiasts, hikers, bikers and boaters.”

The company said the tires are perfect for enthusiasts of all light trucks including Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier and others.

More information on the Claw II MT and TreadWright

TreadWright Claw II MT tires are available in 33” and 35” widths with 18” and 20” rim sizes. Prices start at only $204.99. For more information visit TreadWright’s MT page on their website.

All TreadWright tires are 100 percent U.S. made. For more information about becoming an authorized distributor or purchasing direct, visit the TreadWright website.

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