Here’s the deal: Toyo’s expansion of M920 tires

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Here’s the deal: Toyo’s expansion of M920 sizes

Toyo Tire U.S.A. has expanded the size range of its M920 drive tire in its M-Line range of commercial tires.

Toyo has added three sizes to the M920 lineup; 11R22.5 LRG, 11R22.5 LRH and 295/75R22.5 LRG, with plans for additional sizes later in 2016.

The M920 drive traction tire has all-season capabilities that Toyo said means the tire can “deliver loads in any weather condition in regional or long-haul applications.”

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Toyo M920

Features of the M920

Here are some of the features of the M920:

• Extra-deep, 23/32” tread depth designed to deliver maximum mileage.

• Wider tread width for even load distribution, improved stability, and excellent profile retention.

• Super-thin sipes designed to decrease block movement under driving and braking conditions to deliver more even wear.

• Optimized staggered shoulder blocks for all-season traction.

• Cross-sipe arrangement maintains block stiffness to provide traction throughout the life of the tire.

• V-notch in tread grooves provides traction in all conditions.

• Stone ejectors in all major grooves prevent casing damage.

Designed with fleets in mind

Toyo said in a statement the M920 has wide, staggered tread blocks for improved traction and performance while “additional features assist in excellent wet performance, longer tire life and reduced irregular wear.”

“Toyo Tires is committed to creating innovative new products with the fleet customer in mind,” said Mike Graber, senior product manager, commercial truck tires, Toyo Tire U.S.A.

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Toyo M92

“The M920 is designed to perform in all road conditions while delivering long tread life and retreadability, lowering the cost per mile for the end user.”

More information and full specifications can be found online here.

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