Business to transform the way US motorists buy tires online

Online entrepreneur Michael Welch launches, a new way US motorists can buy their car tires online. Positioned as ‘Uber of car tires,’ the company aims to offer same-day tire installation anywhere in the US at market leading prices by 2020.

Welch said, “Whilst working in the US tire market it became apparent to me that the independent retailer store or mobile van was not getting anywhere near the online visibility the big brand guys where achieving, mainly due to budget and geographic scale. In fact, in lots of cases these retailers would not even have a website, ‘why bother,’ they would tell me. As a consequence it is not feasible for motorists to check all of their local independent tire retail options, or for retailers to get a chance to sell to those online shoppers. It seemed like there was a big opportunity to create a network for those retailers who could not get online and create a market-leading customer offer for service & value.”

Tirescanner works in partnership with the best, most customer-focused retail partners across the United States to sell their inventory and calendar availability to online shoppers and fleet owners using their innovative integration technology. Tirescanner manages the end-to-end customer experience investing heavily in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Welch said, “Buying tires online in the US currently is not a good experience. Customers are expected to have tires shipped to their homes, it’s then up to them to figure out the install process. And that’s if the courier has turned up on the date and at the time they are expected! Online tire retail 2.0 is about delivering an amazing service. The biggest range, the best prices, same day install, the best customer experience online and in-store. That is what Tirescanner is all about.”

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