Spiffy introduces first Green Mobile Tire Services for Individuals and Fleets

Get Spiffy, an on-demand car care, technology, and services company, today announced the launch of its green tire services, rolling out for individuals in Raleigh-Durham and fleets across Spiffy’s 20 markets.

“Spiffy started by improving the car wash and detailing customer experience, before branching out into maintenance services with the introduction of oil change in 2017,” said Spiffy CEO, Scot Wingo. “After talking to both individual and fleet customers, the top request was for mobile tire services, including purchasing and installation. Today we’re servicing over 1,000 vehicles per day, and by our estimates, 5-10% of those vehicles have tires with low treads. That’s a significant safety issue that we can help solve.”

The new Spiffy Tires service offers mobile and fixed-site tire installation for fleets and features a number of reliable brands, such as Michelin, Continental, and BF Goodrich. As with every Spiff service, tire installations are completed by full-time W2 technicians with over 100 hours of professional training.

“Beyond offering Spiffy Tires to fleets, we’re excited by the opportunity to provide additional car care services to our customers in office parks and residences. We look forward to introducing individual tire sales and installation, starting with a pilot program in Raleigh-Durham.” continued Wingo.

Rounding out their eco-friendly approach, known as Spiffy Green, is a partnership with PRTI and their patented PRTI Thermal Demanufacturing™ process. Together, Spiffy is able to send used tires to PRTI processing plants, which can demanufacture and break them down into carbon char, steel, and oil.

“We’re eager to be a green partner with Spiffy as they roll out their tire services across the country,” said PRTI President and CEO, Jason Williams. “Properly demanufacturing tires not only generates a variety of valuable commodities but addresses the demand to offload waste across the tire manufacturing industry. Working directly with Spiffy gives us a local partner to
confront the world’s waste tire problem.”

“Part of our DNA at Spiffy is to not only innovate around the customer experience of car care but the sustainability of our services as well. It began with reclaiming water from car washes and expanded to recycling 100% of the used oil from oil changes. Now, we believe partnering with PRTI provides the first eco-friendly solution to the tire industry. Marry that with a more convenient service experience and customers can enjoy the best of both worlds.” concluded Wingo.

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