Rotary launches full line of professional wheel balancers

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Rotary introduces a full line of professional wheel balancers to meet any automotive shop’s needs. The line ranges from a value-priced manual model to a sophisticated 3D electronic wheel balancer with microprocessor.

R180 Pro 3D Auto Wheel Balancer: The best wheel balancer you can buy. Equipped with automatic wheel dimension sonar and a laser rim profile scanner, this balancer provides perfect balancing with maximum speed and precision. It automatically detects the wheel dimension, scans the rim profile and selects the appropriate balancing program with no data input from the technician. A laser pointer shows exactly where to position weights. Large screen display uses icons for easy-to-follow guidance, including which weights to use. For wheels up to 176 lbs. with 10- to 30-inch rims (automatic).

R155 Pro 3D Wheel Balancer: Well-equipped and easy to operate thanks to interactive inputs that guide the operator during the full balancing process. Includes automatic storage of distance and diameter and an internal data arm that provides quick selection and rim run-out measurement. Automatic start, with automatic stop of the wheel in the external unbalanced position. Laser line shows where to position weights, including hidden/split-spoke weights. Large screen display with simple icons. For wheels up to 154 lbs. with 10- to 30-inch rims (automatic).

R138 Shop 2D Wheel Balancer: An entry-level computerized balancer with a small footprint and low rotational speed. Automatic start and measurement of distance and diameter. Includes hidden weight program and large digital display. Equipped with a heavy-duty shaft and large offset for deep rims. For wheels up to 143 lbs. with 10- to 26-inch rims.

R122 Hand Spin Wheel Balancer: A budget-minded wheel balancer that offers many of the same performance characteristics of higher-priced machines. Precision balancing can be done at low rotational speeds using a hand crank or by manually spinning the wheel. Equipped with a pedal brake to stop rotation for positioning weights. Features an interactive, multifunction display screen. For wheels up to 143 lbs. with 10- to 26-inch rims.

“Rotary has a wheel balancer to suit every customer’s budget and volume of business,” says Rob Dabrowski, vice president of wheel service equipment for Rotary parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “Our wheel balancers offer the technology, productivity and safety features shops need, in rugged equipment that’s built to last.”

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