Prometeon launches ‘Anteo’, a new brand for truck and bus tires

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Prometeon announced ‘Anteo’, a new global truck and bus tire brand which offers immediate economic benefits along with optimum performance and reliability.

Anteo – ‘The giant by your side’ – offers customers in all markets a new tire range which reduces operating costs while offering optimum performance in the market segment looking for immediate economic advantage. With this brand, Prometeon extends its offering to cover all market segments and price bands in the truck and bus tyre business moving from a mono-brand culture to a multi-brand approach.

Giorgio Bruno, Chairman and CEO of Prometeon Tyre Group said, “Our Premium proposal clearly consists of Pirelli branded products with Prometeon technology. At the same time, it is very important to build up our own brand portfolio. ANTEO is the first one, confirming our focus on and our dedication to the truck & bus sector. We are doing this is order to create value for our partners and our company”.


Starting from the ANTEO launch and in line with its new global path, Prometeon will take a platform approach where together with dealers and service partners, tyres can be linked with services, the necessary systems and technological solutions. An extended Prometeon dealer network will offer new technical and tyre management services which will be officially presented in detail in the coming months.

Gregorio Borgo, Chief Operating Officer of Prometeon said “This is Prometeon’s Premiumization strategy: a multibrand strategy with a comprehensive offer, granting performances always based on our DNA of the highest levels both in terms of technology and safety, and tailored to the different needs of the public”.


The ANTEO Brand has six different product lines:

  1. PRO S
  2. PRO D
  3. PRO T, specifically for ON Road conditions
  4. MOVER M
  5. MOVER S
  6. MOVER D, specifically for ON-OFF Road conditions

Developed with a special focus on Safety, the new Anteo brand has achieved performance excellence for Wet Grip, in most of the cases among the best in class on the market.

Some characteristic of the product lines of the ANTEO Brand are:

· Optimized rubber compound to guarantee the right tire life performance;

· Retreadability

· 3PMSF marking;

· Reinforced bead with wrapped chafer and all structure components enhancing optimal resistance and robustness.

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“We developed this brand drawing on our great technological heritage and testing it under real-life conditions in Europe Turkey and Brazil. Keeping our technological excellence as a base, we were able to customize ANTEO according to the specific needs of all the different geographical areas”, explained Alexandre Bregantim, Prometeon’s Chief Technical Officer.

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