Pirelli unveils the new SmartTUBE for P Zero, Scorpino and Cinturato tires

© Pirelli

Pirelli SmarTUBE is now on the market: the new inner tube with technology derived from the developments for World Tour team tubulars is available for all the brand’s clincher tire models.

In the custom version for tubular tires, the SmarTUBE was the subject of a long and careful development project, which required several months of engineering to perfectly match the inner tube to the handmade structure of the P ZERO Race Tub SL. The clincher version that arrives on the market today incorporates much of the feedback from the World Tour project, with the aim of enhancing the performance of Pirelli clincher tires and reaching a wider range of consumers and lovers of the brand.

Pirelli’s new inner tube is made of TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane, a latest-generation material chosen by the brand’s engineers for the excellent performance that it offers compared to traditional butyl. The SmarTUBE promises a reduction in the weight up to 70% compared to the already lightweight latex tubes. This is the most advantageous way to reduce the weight of a bike: an advantage that also translates into less mass on the wheels and therefore better responsiveness of the bike, particularly when climbing and accelerating.

Extremely compact, the new SmarTUBE beats all records in terms of space-saving. -50% less space in jersey pockets or backpacks: the inner tube can be taken anywhere, leaving room for energy bars or multitools.

The range of diameters and sizes offered by Pirelli for this accessory is wide and varied and covers the P ZERO road tyres (P ZERO SmarTUBE) and the Scorpion MTB tires (Scorpion SmarTUBE), as well as offering a reinforced version for Gravel and long distances, in combination with the clinchers of the Cinturato line (Cinturato SmarTUBE). The latter, with the same lightness as the lightest butyl tubes on the market today, offers twice the protection against punctures.

The new SmarTUBE is currently available only in Europe. The company will announce availability in other territories soon.

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