Omni United launches new winter tire in Radar range

Radar RW 5 | © Omni United

Omni United launches new winter tire in Radar range

Omni United has launched a sporty new winter tire, the Radar RW 5.

The company said the tire was “designed for drivers looking for improved traction in winter’s extreme snowy, slushy and wet conditions”. All sizes carry the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol required by law in Canada and Europe to approve a tire for winter use.

The RW 5 line is designed to fit most passenger cars, CUVs and SUVs with a size selection ranging from 14” to 18” in rim diameter and speed ratings up to V (149 mph or 240 km/hr). Many sizes are also available in Extra Load (XL) to offer the highest possible load capacity in that particular size. The line will have a total of 45 sizes, 30 of which are available for order now. An additional 15 sizes will be launched in 2017.

A close look at Radar RW 5’s design

Omni United says its engineers have designed the RW 5 to deliver “enhanced traction, shorter braking and maximum driving confidence at higher speeds in winter conditions.”

The tire features a specially designed silica tread compound that delivers improved grip in winter conditions ranging from hard compacted snow, freshly snowed roads to slush, wet and dry roads.


The Radar RW 5’s tread pattern.

The RW 5 has a directional tread pattern and “strategically angled” sinusoidal sipes to improve grip in snow and stability on dry and wet roads. The pattern also has a sawtooth shaped tread block design, which the company claims improves mechanical traction and enhances safety with a shorter braking distance.

Busy year for Omni United

It has been a busy few months for Omni United, with several major tire line releases including new sizes in the Radar Renegade A/T 5, the Radar RPX-800 sports touring range, Radar Renegade, the R7 mud terrain tire, the Dimax A/S 8, and the launch of new value brand called Patriot, not to mention the acquisition in July of A to Z Tire.

For more information on the Radar RW 5, email or visit the company website.

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