Nokian Tires unveils new all-season tire for light trucks and SUVs

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Nokian Tires has unveiled, the Nokian ONE HT, a new premium all-season tire tailored to the needs of light truck and SUV drivers in North America.

The new product will offer safety in all conditions and toughness on rough roads while living up to the rigorous sustainability standards that the company has set.

The Nokian ONE HT has been tested in demanding conditions around the globe, including the company’s winter test facility in Ivalo, Finland. The result is a breakthrough in the areas of traction and durability: The new light truck tread design enhances cornering and grip, and for the first time, LT-metric sizes are equipped with Aramid Armor to protect drivers from punctures by road hazards.

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As with Nokian Tires’ other recent light truck and SUV tires, the Nokian ONE HT features Aramid Sidewall technology, which provides sturdy protection from potholes and other obstacles encountered in daily urban driving and on rough terrain. Aramid fibers, also used in the aerospace and defense industries, are embedded in the tire’s sidewall to help it withstand external impacts, even on the roughest roads.

The Nokian ONE HT is the company’s first tire to be reinforced with new Aramid Armor. In addition to the sidewall technology featured in most of the sizes, Aramid Armor adds extra protection to the LT-metric versions of the tire. The base compound beneath the tread is also reinforced with Aramid fiber, providing a puncture-resistant shield to protect the tire from road hazards. This innovation provides a significant improvement in durability compared to previous all-season products.

The Nokian ONE HT’s versatile size selection covers 36 new products from 16 to 22 inches with a speed rating of R and S for LT metric sizes and T and H for P-metric applications. The tire will be available to consumers in January 2020.

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